Blower xpress services We offer a unique way to install landscape

products with Blower truck technology
Servicing both commercial and residential applications in the Ottawa area

Blower Xpress Services offers a unique way to install landscape products with Blower Truck Technology.

Our fleet can install a wide selection of products through a 4” hose at distances exceeding 300 feet, and 10 stories above the ground. With over 10 years experience serving the Ottawa market, BXS has worked on many challenging projects.  When traditional methods of installation were not feasible, our pneumatic installation process provided a unique way to get the job done. Our Terraseeding method is controlled by a calibrated injection system and greatly increases seed germination. As we strive to bring new methods on projects where erosion control and water runoff is a concern, our team is skilled in finding innovative solutions for our customers. Large scale mulch installation is where Blower Xpress shines, with no moving equipment necessary to install large volumes of product. Our stationary installation method has made us a safe and efficient option for installing Engineered Wood Fiber in playgrounds across the Ottawa area. For more information on how we can assist you on your next project please contact us.

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This unique installation process is great for hard to reach areas, as well as those who want to leave the hours of labour behind and get straight down business.  Our Blower truck can reach upwards of 700 feet from the street.

Architects & Engineers

Welcome to the Blower Xpress Services information section.  Here you can find downloadable specifications for our various services and application methods. Please inquire directly for more information on how our Pneumatic Blower Truck applications can help when designing your next project.